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Our services

The Next Season Program

The Next Season Program is comprehensive  series of workshops designed to prepare athletes at all levels for life after sports. Each workshop has customized content that addresses athlete’s needs according to their particular stage of life. The goal of the Next Season Program is to equip athlete’s with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to successfully prepare for and manage their transition into life after the game.


Next Season for Freshmen – Athlete Identity

Next Season for Sophomores – Self Discovery

Next Season for Junior – Career Paths

Next Season for Seniors – Game Plan


Next Season: Parallel Planning


Next Season: Personal Development



Freshmen in Transition (FIT)

The Freshmen in Transition workshop is designed to help student-athletes obtain the knowledge and acquire the strategies needed to make a successful transition from high school to college.  As a result of this workshop, student-athletes will:

  •  Understand the importance of planning, prioritizing, and establishing positive relationships.
  •  Obtain the strategies and tools needed to effectively and efficiently plan and prioritize.
  •  Develop freshman year goals and a corresponding plan for accomplishing those goals.


Money Management 101 for Student-Athletes

Money Management 101 is basic personal financial management workshop that is specifically designed for student-athletes. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage their finances while in college and after graduation. As a result of this workshop, student-athletes will:
  • Understand what money management is and why it’s an important skill to possess.
  • Obtain the strategies and tools needed to maintain a monthly budget.
  • Lay a solid financial foundation by establishing good credit, saving money, and developing a plan for debt.



 The Athleaders workshop helps student-athletes to recognize and understand the responsibilities of leadership and to cultivate their qualities and strengths in order to best maximize their leadership potential.  As a result of this workshop, student-athletes will:
  •  Identify their personal leadership qualities through a SWOT Analysis.
  • Define their personal leadership principles.
  • Understand how to successfully lead self and others.


Mental & Behavioral Health for Student Athletes

The Mental And Behavioral Health For Athletes workshop is designed to spread awareness about various behavioral health issues (depression, anxiety, suicide, substance abuse/dependency/addiction) and give athletes the knowledge and understanding of how these issues can affect their performance , transition out of athletics, and their overall wellness.

  • As an objective to completing this workshop athletes:
  • Gain insight into differentiation of substance use, abuse, dependence, and addiction.
  • Gain awareness to the difference between various behavioral health issues, and gain resources and skills to cope with and overcome them.
  • Understand how to overcome performance anxiety, including exercises for mindfulness based stress reduction.
  • Gain insight into addiction as a nuero-chemical brain disorder.
  • Discuss how transitions between levels of playing and retirement may trigger various behavioral health issues.
  • Gain insight into resources to cope with behavioral health issues.



The Warrior Class is a workshop that is designed to help male student-athletes recognize and understand how hyper-sexual behaviors adversely impact their personal development and relationships. As a result of this workshop student-athletes will:

  • Understand how dating multiple partners at the same time impacts their  emotional and sexual development.
  • Learn how pornography objectifies and skews their perception of women/men.
  • Begin a process of self-examination that leads them towards greater intentionality in preparing for future relationships.


Addressing Identity Issues in Athletics

The Addressing Identity Issues in Athletics workshop is designed to raise awareness about the common identity struggles many athletes face that that result from having an unhealthy and over-reliance on their athletic-identity. Through this workshop student-athletes will:

  • Learn about the root causes for identity issues amongst athletes.
  • Reflect to assess the current state of their identity of self.
  • Be empowered to maintain a healthy identity of self and/or overcome current identity issues.


Whole Health for Student-Athletes

Student-athletes health and wellness schemes tend to be limited to injury and rehab, weight loss or gain for competition, and protein bars and sports drinks. As a result, other areas of wellness such as recovery and sleep, mental health, and stress management are neglected and could potentially affect performance and have adverse long-term affects post-collegiate athletics. Through this workshop, student-athletes will:

  • Reflect and expand on their frame of reference of health and wellness.
  • Learn to identify resources to take advantage of while in college.
  • Become equipped to adopt more comprehensive health and wellness lifestyle choices.


W.I.N in the Classroom: strategies for becoming an academic champion

The W.I.N in the Classroom workshop is designed to help student-athletes realize and maximize their academic potential. Whether on academic probation or the dean’s list, student-athletes will benefit from learning Dr. Terrance Green’s proven strategies for academic success. Participants of this workshop will:

  • Identify habits, attitudes, and mindsets of academic champions.
  • Learn the study strategies of academic champions.
  • Be equipped with the skill sets and paradigms to access their full academic potential.


First Quarter Freshmen Orientation

The First Quarter Freshman Orientation combines our Freshmen in Transition, W.I.N in the Classroom, Whole Health for Student-Athletes, and Money Management 101 workshops. This full day (7 hours) experience is designed to:

  • Help freshmen successfully manage their transition into college.
  • Equip freshmen with the strategies needed to prosper academically,
  • Educate and encourage freshmen to adopt lifestyle choices that lead to holistic health and wellness.
  • Empower freshmen to responsibly manage their financial resources.


Our Next Season Life Coaching program is designed to provide Guidance, Support, & Accountability to athletes during the very critical stages of their transition. Our life coaches will help athletes set and accomplish their goals and navigate through the various challenges that arise by developing their talents and potential. The Next Season Life Coaching program requires at least a 90-day commitment. Athletes will be assigned a certified Life Coach that will work with them weekly. The primary role of our life coaches is to:

  • Help clients identify and build on their strengths.
  • Assist clients to recognize and improve their weakness.
  • Helps clients set value-based and realistic goals.
  • Enable clients to recognize and acknowledge the barriers that prevent them from accomplishing their goals.
  • Provide clients with various tools, techniques, and support to achieve their goals.
  • Motivate clients to remain focused, maximize their performance and achieve success.


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